Official Observer Coordinator

Contact Info:
This appointment is presently vacant.  If you have an issue to report or would like an Official Observer’s advice, please contact Gil Hayes WK1H.
Please note: ARRL HQ and the FCC are currently working together to update and to make changes to the Official Observer/Amateur Auxiliary program. Because of these expected upcoming revisions and changes, ARRL HQ has placed a moratorium on applications for new Official Observers and new Official Observer Coordinators at this time. As a result, the WMA section cannot appoint a new OOC until this program update is rolled out by the FCC and ARRL HQ. Program roll out time is presently unknown.

Official Observer Coordinator Appointment Description

The OOC is an ARRL section-level leadership official, appointed by the Section Manager, for two related purposes: to supervise the maintenance monitoring work of the section Official Observers, and to coordinate special Amateur Auxiliary efforts with Headquarters and the SM.

The Official Observer program has operated for more than a half century. In this time, OO appointees have assisted thousands of amateurs whose signals, or operating procedures, were not in compliance with the FCC regulations. The function of the OO is to listen for amateurs who might otherwise come to the attention of the FCC and to advise them by mail of the irregularity observed. The OO program is, in essence, for the benefit of amateurs who want to be helped. OOs must meet high standards of expertise and experience. It is the job of the OO Coordinator to recruit, supervise and direct the efforts of OOs in the section, and to report their activity monthly to the Section Manager, and Headquarters.

With the inception of the Amateur Auxiliary to the FCC, the role of the OOC is greater today than ever before. A key liaison in the Auxiliary, the OOC assists OOs in evidence gathering and conveys evidentiary materials to Headquarters for handling with the FCC.


  • General class license or higher
  • Full ARRL membership & certification in the Amateur Auxiliary
  • Minimum of two (2) years experience as Official Observer
  • Active OO status while holding the OOC appointment