Assistant Section Manager Mike DeChristopher N1TA

Contact Info:
130 Park Drive
Westfield, MA 01085

I first became interested in Amateur Radio while earning the radio merit badge at Boy Scout camp. I was licensed a few months later at age 11, and have been active ever since.

My interests within the hobby are varied, but HF contesting and DXing have always remained my pursuits of choice. I hold 5-Band DXCC and am active in most major contests, either from my home or as part of multioperator teams. I enjoy most modes, but have a strong preference for CW.

I was fortunate enough to spend a few years employed at ARRL Headquarters in Newington, first in the DXCC department, and then as manager of the Contest Branch. It was a pleasure to work with the fine folks at HQ.

Professionally, I am a commercial real estate broker and business owner in the Springfield, MA -area. My lifelong interest in radio has led to an involvement in several telecommunications and infrastructure projects.

I am a member of the Yankee Clipper Contest Club, Hampden County Radio Association, and Franklin County Amateur Radio Club. I enjoy teaching license classes, writing and speaking about various aspects of our hobby, and continuing to meet hams new and old.

Assistant Section Manager Appointment Description:

Requirements: Novice class license or higher class; Full ARRL membership


  • The ASM may serve as a general assistant to the Section Manager or as a specialist. That is, the ASM may assist the Section Manager with general leadership matters as the Section Manager’s understudy, or the ASM may be assigned to handle a specific important function that does not fall within the scope of the duties of the Section Manager’s other assistants.
  • At the Section Manager’s discretion, the ASM may be designated as the recommended successor to the incumbent Section Manager, in case the Section Manager resigns or is otherwise unable to finish the term of office.
  • The ASM should be familiar with the “Guidelines for the ARRL Section Manager,” which contains the fundamentals of general section management.