Affiliated Club Coordinator Gil Hayes WK1H


Contact Info:
7 Michael Lane
Sterling, MA 01564

I first got licensed in 1996 when I was 20. I became much more active in 2000 when I first joined the Central Massachusetts Amateur Radio Association. At the time I was very active on their George’s Old Timers ragchew net and had a weekly Net Control slot there for a while. I continue to be a member of CMARA to this day, I attend their meetings as regularly as I can and I also support them whenever they need an Official Observer to assist them in any way.

In 2002, I was one of the founding members of the Worcester Emergency Communications Team. WECT is a specialized club/organization to support emergency communications efforts using amateur radio within the Central Massachusetts area, specifically the City of Worcester and the surrounding communities. Over the years with WECT, I’ve led up numerous events including becoming a somewhat defacto Field Day event coordinator every year. In 2010 there was a huge upset in WECT’s management. I was among those whom were instrumental in reforming the team and incorporating it as a nonprofit. I was also the newly reformed organization’s first elected president from 2010 – 2012. I have since held multiple other roles at WECT over the years.

I’ve served the WMA ARRL section in being an Assistant Section Manager from 2006 – 2014, and in that role I represented clubs in the southeast quadrant of the section as best I could. I have also been the webmaster here since 2006, doing my best to provide a news outlet for all clubs and ham radio affairs affecting the section.

I look forward to helping out all the clubs in the Western Massachusetts section as best I can!

Affiliated Club Coordinator Description

The ACC is the primary contact and resource person for each Amateur Radio club in the section, specializing in motivating, providing assistance and coordinating joint activities of radio clubs. The ACC is appointed by, and reports to, the Section Manager.

Requirement: Full ARRL membership


  • Get to know the Amateur Radio clubs’ members and officers person to person in his section. Learn their needs, strengths and interests and work with them to make clubs effective resources in their communities and more enjoyable for their members.
  • Encourage affiliated clubs in the section to become more active and, if the club is already healthy and effective, to apply as a Special Service Club (SSC).
  • Supply interested clubs with SSC application forms.
  • Assist clubs in completing SSC application forms.
  • Help clubs establish workable programs to use as SSCs.
  • Approve SSC application forms and pass them to the SM.
  • Work with other section leadership officials (Section Emergency Coordinator, Public Information Coordinator, Technical Coordinator, State Government Liaison, etc.) to ensure that clubs are involved in the mainstream of ARRL Field Organization activities.
  • Encourage new clubs to become ARRL affiliated.
  • Ensure that annual reports (updates officers, liaison mailing addresses etc.) are forthcoming from all affiliated clubs.