Western Massachusetts ARRL Section

Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)
Member Registration and Record System

This is a web-based registration and record system for members of the Western Massachusetts Amateur Radio Emergency Service where your membership information will be recorded in our ARES membership database.

Our served agencies may have specific requirements for personnel that are provided by ARES and this information enables us to better meet their needs and expedite credentialing of hams who respond to a call for assistance.

We hope that our ARES team members will maintain their information and keep it current.

If you wish to become a Western Massachusetts ARES team member, and you have not already registered on-line, please check the box that you want to become a ARES member and you will get an email shortly.

Your account must be manually activated by an administrator, this can take up to 48 hours. Please look for the message in your email with instructions.

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the Western Massachusetts ARES team.

Personal Details

Once you register you will get an email that will include a link to your profile. On the login screen, is a link 'forgot password' use that to finish your sign up.

Are you interested in joining ARES?