Section Emergency Coordinator
John Ruggiero N2YHK

Contact Info:
127 Fairhaven Road
Worcester, MA 01606
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John was first licensed in 1994 in Westchester County, New York when he was just 14 years old. He immediately became fully involved in the hobby, including becoming an Official Relay Station, regular net control for two NTS nets, RACES and ARES memberships, and volunteering for all types of public service and emergency events at that time including the TWA Flight 800 disaster.

In 1996 John moved to Burlington, Vermont where he was then an Official Emergency Station as well as the secretary for the Burlington Amateur Radio Club.

John later moved to Worcester to attend college at Worcester Polytechnic Institute to work on a Bachelors in Electronics Engineering. While there he served in several club officer positions at WPIWA, and he was also involved with digital operating modes, HF, contesting, repeater and station management, and more.

John remained in Worcester after completing school, and became involved with the Worcester Emergency Communications Team. There he was appointed EC in 2003 as a liaison to hospitals throughout the Worcester area.

John has years of experience as public safety dispatcher and supervisor, and he is currently a communications technician with a state agency. His current interests in amateur radio outside of ARES includes HF and VHF contesting, repeater maintenance, and organizing and participating in public service events, including the Boston Marathon, where he has served as net control for the finish line area for over 10 years.

Section Emergency Coordinator Appointment Description

The SEC is the assistant to the SM for emergency preparedness. The SEC is appointed by the SM to take care of all matters pertaining to emergency communications and the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) on a sectionwide basis. The SEC post is one of top importance in the section and the individual appointed to it should devote all possible energy and effort to this one challenging organizational program for Amateur Radio. There is only one SEC appointed in each section of the ARRL Field Organization.

Requirements: Technician class license or higher; Full ARRL membership


  • Encourage all groups of community amateurs to establish a local emergency organization.
    Advise the SM on all section emergency policy and planning, including the development of a section emergency communications plan.
  • Cooperate and coordinate with the Section Traffic Manager so that emergency nets and traffic nets in the section present a united public service front, particularly in the proper routing of Welfare traffic in emergency situations.
  • Cooperation and coordination should also be maintained with other section leadership officials as appropriate, particularly with the State Government Liaison and Public Information Coordinator.
  • Recommend candidates for Emergency Coordinator and District Emergency Coordinator appointments (and cancellations) to the Section Manager and determine areas of jurisdiction of each amateur so appointed. At the SM’s discretion, the SEC may be directly in charge of making (and canceling) such appointments. In the same way, the SEC can handle the Official Emergency Station appointments.
  • Promote ARES membership drives, meetings, activities, tests, procedures, etc., at the section level.
  • Collect and consolidate Emergency Coordinator (or District Emergency Coordinator) monthly reports and submit monthly progress summaries to the SM and ARRL Headquarters. This includes the timely reporting of emergency and public safety communications rendered in the section for inclusion in QST.
  • Maintain contact with other communication services and serve as liaison at the section level with all agencies served in the public interest, particularly in connection with state and local government, civil preparedness, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Red Cross, Salvation Army, the National Weather Service, and so on. Such contact is maintained in cooperation with the State Government Liaison.
  • Section Emergency Coordinators are encouraged to complete ARRL Emergency Communications training Introduction to Emergency Communications (EC-001) and Public Service and Emergency Communications Management for Radio Amateurs.