Sutton Chain of Lights

Hi Folks,

Craig Shea from the Sutton Chain of Lights is again requesting assistance with communications to coordinate the trolleys for their annual event. We’re looking for about 10 ham radio operators to ride the trolleys and help keep them on schedule moving people around between stops.

We will meet at 08:30am on Sat 12/4/2021 in Sutton (location TBD – likely the Sutton High School). The event runs from 10:00am to 4:00pm, although the final trolley drop off may be as late as 5:00pm. Lunch is provided.

You should bring a radio capable of 70cm operation with DPL/DCS, as we’ll likely be using the Westboro and Uxbridge 70cm repeaters. Portable mobile setups work well, but you need to provide your own power, and mag mounts don’t work on fiberglass vehicles. HTs with gain antennas can work as well. Radios and accessories can be provided, if necessary.

If you are available to help out, please email me at Call with any questions – 508-982-0617. If you are only available for part of the day, we can cycle you in and out as necessary. Thanks!

John, N2YHK

New WMA Amateur Licensees October 2021

Congratulations to the latest new hams of Western Massachusetts:

Lucas Elliott, KC1PZJ
36 Malburn Ter
Leominster, MA 01453-4873

Colin Bentley, KC1PZW
26 Upton Rd
Westborough, MA 01581-2203

Judy Gauvin, KC1PZN
12 Stone School Rd
Sutton, MA 01590-2942

Shijing Yang, KC1PYB
80 Salisbury St
Unit 710
Worcester, MA 01609-3135

Thomas R Gauvin, KC1PVO
12 Stone School Rd
Sutton, MA 01590-2942

Michael E Shatz, KC1PWE
7 Admirals Ln
Southborough, MA 01772-1836

Section Manager’s Report. Nov 2021

Hi everyone, yet another busy month here and lot’s going on. First thing is to write this email down, this email will be used for anything club related. Resources, inquiries. The other thing it will be used for is to edit your club information. If you need to change things such, as contact or update your annual filing, give it to them. There has been some hanky-panky going on and the editing has gone inhouse. The other thing is there will be a club newsletter from the league starting around the middle of this month similar to the ARRL letter, Contest Letter, etc. They will be looking for news items about club activities, events, club tips, etc. If you have anything send them to the email above. You can get the club letter by going into your profile on the league’s website and check the box.

I do want to send my apologies to everyone as one of the things I said I would do is put the new ham list here. I have not done this for a while. This and other things I may have slipped on please poke me. I am going to make a better effort on the listings.

Another thing I have been working on is taking charge of a club that is on the verge of ending after 70 years. This is proving to be a real challenge as getting the few to put in the effort to revive it and get interest back. I have reached out to some people to assist and consult and hopefully, in time, I can write a success story and not an obituary.

October 23rd, I held a “Play Radio” event at Sholan Farms. The event went fairly well with eleven people stopped to visit. I even had four from the Franklin Club visit. This was very much appreciated. People did say it was enjoyable and look to have more like this. Maybe I’m on to something. Thanks to Brad W1BCC!

Gil Hayes WK1H reached out and asked for help for Worcester County ARES and also some Club Coordinator things as well. Here is the info:

WMA ARES in Worcester County recently had a number of ECs move out of the area. We’re looking for a few more ECs, especially in central and southern Worcester County. The role of the EC is to be the on-the-ground leadership of ARES in their local area, to build up the ARES membership in the area including training and direction, and to establish and maintain relationships with local served agency leadership. If interested, please contact Southern Worcester County District EC Hisham Al-Beik KB1JLW at or Worcester County ASEC Gil Hayes WK1H at

Additionally, we’re updating the WMA Club Presenters List. The list is for the benefit of club officers, to try to give them some good ideas for presentations at monthly club meetings. If anyone has a presentation you’ve given at an event and want to be included on the list, please contact WMA Affiliated Club Coordinator Gil Hayes WK1H at

With that I can additionally add the request for other section and ARES help. We need a PIC and a Government Liaison among others. Please consider volunteering for any of these. We are going to get very busy soon.

Stay tuned, I feel November will be just as busy with the League ramping up it’s emphasis on Clubs and membership, maybe a new director and contests galore. Also, add a little Thanksgiving to the mix. Yep, the silly season is upon us again.

I hope to see you soon somewhere, if not, I do want to wish you a fabulous Tanksgiving!

73, Ray KB1LRL

September new ham list

Report for 2021-10-06

Henry M Jones, KC1PXC
PO Box 443
Brimfield, MA 01010-0443

Jason R Leduc, KC1PWK
280 Munger Hill Rd
Westfield, MA 01085-4584

David M Thomas, KC1PWL
244 Poplar Ave
West Springfield, MA 01089-2929

Adrian Piris, KC1PXB
146 Endicott St
Springfield, MA 01118-2324

Brendan A Mcevilly, KC1PUM
305 Reservoir Rd
Lunenburg, MA 01462-1532

Aniket A Tadepalli, KC1PUD
6002 Avalon Dr
Northborough, MA 01532-2287

Mike Tartaglia, KC1PVT
296 Lake St
Shrewsbury, MA 01545-3960

Richard J Martunas, KC1PVM
41 Lakeshore Dr
Spencer, MA 01562-2905

Thomas R Gauvin, KC1PVO
12 Stone School Rd
Sutton, MA 01590-2942

Michael E Shatz, KC1PWE
7 Admirals Ln
Southborough, MA 01772-1836

Report for 2021-09-02

Beizong Chen, KC1PQO
1C Brandywine
Amherst, MA 01002-4009

Donald L Hubbard, KC1PTG
PO Box 104
Barre, MA 01005-0104

Angelina L Hubbard, KC1PTC
PO Box 1004
Barre, MA 01005-1004

Jonathan X Hubbard, KC1PTI
PO Box 1004
Barre, MA 01005-1004

Salvatore J Puliafico, KC1PTS
PO Box 174
Hardwick, MA 01037-0174

John G Fortin, KC1PTW
418 Alvord Pl
South Hadley, MA 01075-1373

Mario Colucci, KC1PTX
5 Jered Ln
Southwick, MA 01077-9202

Chester G Motyka, KC1PRG
PO Box 53
Three Rivers, MA 01080-0053

David J Ennulat, KC1PTF
360 Royalston Rd
Phillipston, MA 01331-9408

Seth R Norton, KC1PTL
65 Regwood Dr
Phillipston, MA 01331-9737

Ayden J Dubuque, KC1PTD
29 Limerick St
Gardner, MA 01440-2924

Crystal M Nilsson, KC1PTE
70 Limerick St
Gardner, MA 01440-2941

Seomas M Lizotte, KC1PTM
9 Olney St
Gardner, MA 01440-3313

Andrew Irwin, KC1PRK
86 Flaggler Rd
Leominster, MA 01453-1720

Jeremy J Sperry, KC1PQS
4 Elliott Dr
Charlton, MA 01507-1279