Section Manager Ray Lajoie AA1SE


Contact Info:
245 Leominster Rd
Lunenburg, MA 01462

My Radio experience started at a young age when as a kid I would spend hours on a National RBJ style Military receiver swapping coils and tuning the bands.

Set the Wayback machine to 2004 at Hosstraders where I got my license. Since then I have been involved in public service events including the Boston Marathon. I am a member of the Montachusett ARA where for the past ten years have been president. In 2012 I was one of the site managers of WRTC 2014.

My professional career has been with Comcast for the last 20 years. 13 of which was a field tech and now a Business product support tech.

My interest in radio has been primarily the digital modes, lately the FT8 mode. I also work some of the RTTY contests and dabble in the occasional SSB contest. I would like to learn and use CW. The great thing with this hobby, always evolving.

Section Manager Description

The Section Manager is accountable for carrying out the duties of the office in accordance with ARRL policies established by the Board of Directors and shall act in the best interests of Amateur Radio.

The Section Manager is elected to the position by ARRL members within the section and serves for a term of two years. More details on Section Manager elections are detailed on the ARRL HQ website.


  • The SM recruits, appoints, and supervises section-level staff to administer the Field Organization’s principal areas of responsibility in the section. These areas are emergency communications, message traffic relay, technical activity / problem solving, volunteer monitoring, government relations, public relations in the general community, information services for amateurs, and cooperation with affiliated clubs.
  • Appoints qualified ARRL members in the section to other volunteer positions in support of Field Organization objectives, and may authorize section-level staff to make such appointments.
  • Keeps well informed concerning matters of ARRL policy so as to administer the Field Organization in accordance with current policy and to provide correct information in response to members’ inquiries.
  • Supervises the activities of the section-level staff, monitors the performance of the Field Organization volunteers, and provides guidance as necessary to ensure that appointees act in the best interests of Amateur Radio and in accordance with ARRL policies.
  • Maintains liaison with the Division Director; makes periodic reports to the Director regarding the status of Section activities; receives information and guidance pertaining to matters of mutual concern and interest from the Director; serves on the Division Cabinet and renders advice as requested by the Director.
  • Conducts correspondence and other communications with ARRL members and affiliated clubs in the Section; makes personal visits to clubs, hamfests, and conventions; responds to members’ questions and concerns or refers them to an appropriate person or office in the League organization; maintains liaison with representative frequency coordinator(s) having jurisdiction in the Section.
  • Writes, or supervises preparation of, a monthly “Section News;” uses electronic communications, such as the Internet, to distribute information about Section activities and to encourage member participation in the Field Organization.
  • Promotes recruitment of new amateurs and new ARRL members.
  • Encourages attitudes and actions which welcome new radio amateurs and integrate them into League and club activities.
  • Each new Section Manager shall be required to participate in a Section Manager orientation training session that is conducted by ARRL Headquarters.
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