Public Information

Amateur Radio is a valuable resource that deserves to be promoted to the public in a variety of ways.  The ARRL has established a public information and relations wing of the field organization to help the general public discover the value of amateur radio overall.

The ARRL has established several public information campaigns to promote amateur radio, which can be seen on their national website.  They have also designed an online course to help those involved with PR campaigns to be more effective and better prepared in their roles.


Public Information Coordinator

The Public Information Coordinator is the section’s expert on public information and public relations matters. They build and maintain a positive public image for Amateur Radio within the section, and are responsible for organizing, training, guiding and coordinating the activities of the Public Information Officers.

At present, the Western Massachusetts ARRL is looking for a Public Information Coordinator to lead up these efforts throughout the section.  If you are an ARRL member within the section interested in this appointment, please contact the Section Manager.

Public Information Officers

Public Information Officers are appointed to be the local representatives of the WMA ARRL campaign throughout the section.

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