Western Massachusetts Section Mentoring Program

The Western Massachusetts Technical Specialist Team is developing a new mentoring program.  The intent is to provide access to information, tools and resources to the section to help Elmer new hams, especially that have just gotten their new amateur radio license.  There is a lot of resources out there regarding how to get an amateur radio license, but not a lot regarding how to use that new license, where to start with experimenting with all of the aspects the hobby has to offer, how to get involved with others in the community, and how a new ham can really develop their particular “brand” of amateur radio.

Section Mentoring Guide

The WMA Technical Specialist Team has put together a guide in which is intended to be downloaded by whoever needs it and can edit it specific to their club or group. This should be given to a person that has passed their test to provide basic information, club and contact information so they do not seem lost when they leave the room. It will help introduce them to an Elmer (Mentor) to aid in getting started.

Click here to download the WMA Section Mentoring Guide in PDF format.

Click here to download the WMA Section Mentoring Guide in DOCX format.

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