Affiliated Club Coordinator announcement

Hello everyone, Gil Hayes, WK1H has stepped down as our club coordinator
due to job obligations. I wish to thank him for his contribution to the

I am pleased to announce that Larry Krainson, W1AST has accepted the
position as club coordinator effective Mar. 22 Larry is currently the
President of the Hamden club. Larry is a Life Member and licensed since
He also is the 13 Colonies special event manager for Mass. and is
leading the Big E expo display coming in Sept. Larry’s wife, Faye is
always assisting him and also has a son who is an Eagle Scout and a Ham.

Please join me in welcoming Larry to the section staff.


KD2JKV Appointed as Assistant Section Manager

Please join us in welcoming Peter Mattice KD1JKV as our newest Assistant Section Manager!

Peter is involved with many things in the hobby, including serving in multiple roles within ARES, within NTS, and he also hosts his own broadcast radio show and podcast dedicated to ham radio.

Peter will be serving mostly as a representative for the section staff within the Northwestern most parts of the section.

Congrats again, Peter, and welcome aboard!

KC1KCE Appointed as Western MA Public Information Coodinator

Hi all,

It is my pleasure to announce the addition of Grant Fritchey KC1KCE to our Western Mass staff as the new Public Information Coordinator. Grant has leadership experience in a volunteer role especially with the Boy Scouts. Grant also has skills in social media and has also written press releases. Grant is a fairly new ham licensed since July 2018 with a General class ticket going for the Extra.

Please join me in welcoming Grant aboard and best wishes in his goals.

Thank you,

WK1H Appointed as WMA Official Observer Coordinator

I’m happy to report that my appointment as Western Massachusetts ARRL Official Observer Coordinator has finally been approved and accepted.

I first expressed interest in this appointment in October 2016.  Former Section Manager W1KT approved and put the appointment change in with the League.  However, League HQ rejected the change and sent out a message to all SMs nationally that all applications for new OO and OOC appointments are being put on hold until a new study and revamp of the entire OO program has been completed.

The study and program revamp is still ongoing, however, the League recently decided that with the revamp taking as long as it has been, some appointments for new OOs and OOCs would be allowed in the interim.

WMA Section Manager KB1LRL immediately put me in for the OOC appointment again, and given we have not had an OOC here in WMA for so long, League HQ has accepted and approved the appointment.

I look forward to assisting the section in this way.  Please feel free to contact me if you need my help in this area!

Thanks and 73,
Gil Hayes WK1H

KB1LRL Reaches Out Regarding Section Field Appointments

Hello to all Amateur Radio enthusiasts. I hope that you all had and will have a wonderful holiday season.

As some or most are aware, I will be assuming the duties of Western MA Section Manager as of January 1st. I wish to first and foremost want thank Ed, W1KT for his leadership for the last 12 years. I wish him the best of luck in the future.

Since my election to the position, what I have been looking for is what needs to be done to revitalize this section and get it updated to meet the needs of all the parties involved. The major task is to get the proper staffing in place. Some have indicated they do not wish to continue with their positions. I ask that they continue to support me as I select a new candidate to replace them.

The biggest one is the Section Emergency Coordinator. John N2YHK does not wish to continue in this position. I thank John for his tenure. He has made valuable contributions during his time. So, at this time, I will be looking for individuals to consider taking on this position. Please read the Appointment Description in the ARRL website or by clicking on the SEC staff member on this website. When a SEC is selected, we will work on firming up the county level DEC’s, local EC’s and the rest of the WMA ARES organization.

The Amateur Auxiliary and the OO program is currently under review and updating by the ARRL and the FCC so there will be no changes or additions until the new protocol is in place.

One of the position I will be looking for along with the SEC will be two more Assistant Section Managers, one for the southwest quadrant of the section and one for the northwest quadrant.

I am asking that anyone who is interested in any position, is wishing to continue or wants to step aside please send me an email. I ask to also please spread the word to the various clubs and let them know as well. I will be reviewing all based on qualifications, and their involvement and participation currently.

I will be emailing others with existing WMA ARRL field appointments to see what their wishes are. But, I do ask that everyone please email me and give me the information I ask and a brief summary of your qualifications, and what you have contributed to the section since the appointment. Please again let others know who may not view this website. There will be more communication as time goes on. I do not wish to make this a huge message, but, we as a section needs to get a lot in place at the start. I do ask once again to consider becoming part of the Western Ma Section team.

Thank you and 73,

Ray Lajoie KB1LRL Elected Next WMA Section Manager

WMA ARRLNominations for ARRL Western Massachusetts Section Manager closed on last Friday, September 8th.  Only one WMA ARRL member submitted nomination paperwork for the election.  As a result, Ray Lajoie KB1LRL won the uncontested election.  Ray hails from Lunenburg and has long been a member and highly involved with the Montachusett ARA in a variety of roles.

Regarding his election, Ray states “I am looking forward to serving the Western Mass section and visiting the various clubs in the coming future. The months coming will be a lot of fact gathering and looking to see where we need to work on first.”

Ray will take the reins from current Section Manager Ed Emco W1KT on January 1, 2018, whom is standing down from the position after serving in that role for the last 12 years.

Nominations Open for Section Manager

WMA ARRLNominations for Western Massachusetts Section Manager are now open!  The term is for two years starting on January 1, 2018.

Any candidate for the office of Section Manager must be a resident of the section, a licensed amateur of Technician class or higher, and a full member of the League for a continuous term of at least two years immediately preceding receipt of a petition for nomination.  All nomination paperwork must be received by ARRL Headquarters in Newington, CT by 4:00 PM on Friday, September 8, 2017.  The nomination forms and other associated information are available on ARRL HQ’s website here.

Due to increased professional commitments as well as some health issues, current Section Manager Ed Emco W1KT will not be running for election again.

KA1OTQ, Southern Worcester County DEC, SK

KA1OTQIt is with regret and sadness that we must convey that the Southern Worcester County DEC Bob Beausoleil KA1OTQ has recently passed away and become a Silent Key.

Bob was involved with amateur radio in the section and locally for several decades, including being Sutton Chain of Lights Communications Coordinator and being the Net Manager for the Sunday morning ARES net on the W1BIM machine.

Bob’s obituary can be viewed here.



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