CMARA Breakfast Net Helping Fellow Hams

The Central MA Amateur Radio Association has recently started up a new Breakfast Net.  The net runs on their W1BIM repeater system every day at 9 AM local as well as on 80m on 3982 kHz at 10 AM local.

The purpose of the Breakfast Net is twofold.  First is to reach out to all hams in the area and keep us socially connected during these times of physical isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic and enjoy some easy-going conversation.  The second is to check in and see if anyone needs help during these times, with special attention towards older folks whom are more at risk from the virus.  In many cases, the net arranges for others that are already going to be out and about to help get groceries or other supplies and deliver them to those more at risk.

All are welcome to check in on either the repeater or the HF versions of the net.  See you there!

Learn CW Training Net on VHF

The Central Massachusetts Amateur Radio Association will be conducting a “Learn CW Training Net” on the Club Repeater W1BIM on 146.97 PL 114.8 on Monday Nights at 7:30 PM starting January 15.

Greg WA1JXR will be your Net Control Operator and CW Instructor. The purpose of the Net is to teach Ham Radio Operators new and old how to send and receive CW. The net will be a combination of FM voice as well as modulated CW (MCW) transmissions over the repeater. CMARA members as a club project have built an MCW interface for their 2M FM radios which will allow them to send CW. If others are interested in obtaining a MCW Interface Kit you can contact Greg WA1JXR at and I will start an interested list. If we get a minimum of 10 kit orders I will do a bulk buy of parts and circuit board and assemble more kits.

So check it off on your calendar and check into the “Learn CW Training Net” on Monday nights and learn and have fun with the Original Digital Mode, CW.

73’s Greg Algieri WA1JXR

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