Data Privacy Policy

In this policy, the Western Massachusetts (WMA) section of the ARRL define the use of its websites; the WMA Section defines its use of the “online” database. In both cases, interaction is always initiated by you, which will help to safeguard your data. With the exception of ARES business, you will never be sent emails. Most importantly, YOU WILL NEVER BE SOLICITED FOR ANY INFORMATION. You can edit your information during your session which will require a password to access. Section leadership with database access can also view and edit your record. You should always consider any email inquiry to elicit information from you in the future as a “phishing” attempt, regardless of how authentic the communication appears. If you experience difficulty with the use of the database, contact the leadership directly for problem resolution. Similarly, if we need help with your records, we will contact you through means that are already familiar to you. Please contact Aaron Addison KF1G or Gil Hayes WK1H for information on the details of our security measures, including the SSL certificate. WMA’s use of the Internet and the World Wide Web facilitates the operation of an ARES database and is solely for the benefit of the membership and the participating Section leadership. Information supplied via the section and database web sites is kept strictly confidential. Since ARES® is a program of the ARRL rosters are technically a property of the ARRL. Information may be shared with ARRL only if you are available for an out-of-Section deployment. Further:

A.) User information beyond that available in the public domain (i.e. FCC call and address) including email addresses, phone contact, photographs, and any other personal information shall not be supplied to any third party under any circumstance except as required by legal action.

B.) New England Division Directors, the WMA Section Manager and the WMA ARRL Section Staff, and the ARES leadership may communicate with WMA members regarding this information. Also, data on responding ARES members may be supplied to the requesting agency for the sole purpose of preparing site specific ID cards or other credentialing.

C.) No information about individual use of the Web site (tracking information) will be supplied to any third party.

D.) No third party tracking system (e.g., tracking banner ads) will be allowed to operate on the Web site. Please note that a temporary administrative “cookie” may be used during your session. Descriptions of the use of collected information will be made available on this web site. This information will be readily available and of sufficient detail to make clear how WMA is using personal information, whether collected explicitly in submitted forms.

Summary of risk information:

  • Internet security risk: LOW
  • Site electronic security risk: LOW (Webmaster and System Supervisor are experts, utilize antiviral software and standard protective measures to the server)
  • Site physical security risk: LOW
  • Administrative risk: LOW (Site is administered by specifically authorized personnel on a “need to know” basis using an established policy).

Please forward all inquiries to the person named on the site as the contact point.