Section Manager Report April 2019

Hello, welcome to spring…er…I think. It wants to come! I am sure everyone is busy getting the yard cleaned up as am I.

Sorry for being a little tardy, life kind of got in the way a little bit. But there are things coming up which I am looking forward to. The first one is the Framingham Hamfest on April 7 which is well attended. I will be there manning my tables to see if I can lighten the load a bit. Hope to see you there.

The other one is our annual event which is the Boston Marathon. Many of us will be having a long day there. I am likely will be in a medical van picking up the drop outs and getting them to the bus going downtown. Hopefully we will enjoy great weather there. Remember to have adequate equipment there to handle the job effectively and a backup can’t hurt either, along with being dressed appropriately and some snacks can’t hurt just in case.

It’s been fairly quiet Radio and club-wise. The Montachusett Club is having their annual QSL card sort which is always fun. And, thoughts are turning to field day planning. Please let me know where you are going to be. (Same as last year is ok) I am planning on doing the visit tour like last year. I actually had fun with it and would like to get a bunch of pictures at each site if I can. Last year was very eye opening and am looking forward to it again.

Our new Section Emergency Coordinator Bob K1YO has taken on his new role with great enthusiasm. He is working on getting databases ironed out, getting EC’s in place, etc. Thank you Bob for your efforts!

That’s all I really have for now. Just like the birds, we are busy. When we are tired from our labors, it’s nice to have a drink and sit by the radio and say hi in whatever mode.

Warm 73 to you,

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