HCRA Health and Welfare Net – Closed for Now

Over the past 2 weeks check-ins to the HCRA Health & Welfare net have tailed off considerably. After discussing this with Rich KC1AEO, we’ve decided the net has served its purpose as people get back to a more normal life. Therefore, we will close the net for now with the idea that we will begin again if or when a need arises.

We want to thank HCRA for the use of the W1NY club callsign we used on the net over the last 2 months and for the club’s support. We also want to say thank-you to W1BR for his support and the use of the 146.715 repeater. Finally, we ask that everyone keep the residents, their families and the staff of the Holyoke Soldier’s Home in mind as they recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Richard Laviolette, KC1AEO
Marcel Lapierre, AA1WH

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