We Need a Little Help!

Hello, we have a couple on needs which we hope you can help with:

  1. First Larry, W1AST is looking for someone with some graphic drawing experience who would like to create a QSL card for the upcoming 13 Colonies event coming up.
  2. Second, he is also looking for volunteers for the VOTA W1AW/1 event coming in April.
  3. Also look at the notice from the NEDIV.arrl.org site about the Big E.

   If anyone like to assist Larry contact him at w1ast@arrl.net.

   Also, the WMA Train and Test Team is looking to add some instructors to the group. This is something that does not require a full effort and you can teach a chapter based on your expertise and be a backup on the others. Slide decks are provided. For further information contact me at ray.aa1se@gmail.com

   Thank you!


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