Ellis Rud N1MWJ, SK

It is with sad regret to announce Ellis Rud N1MWJ has become a silent key on Nov 27.

Ellis was currently the EC for North Berkshire county, prior to that he was the past president of NoBARC in Adams. His career was for the state as a park ranger for Mt Greylock until his retirement.

Details can be found here:



Sutton Chain of Lights

Worcester Emergency Communications Team President Brian Loverro K1BML is looking for a few more ham radio volunteers to help support the Sutton Chain of Lights this Saturday December 1, 2018 from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

The event is a town-wide holiday celebration featuring open houses and activities at a large variety of locations throughout the town. For more on the event, visit the Sutton Chain of Lights Facebook page.

The role of amateur radio is to coordinate the trolley buses that shuttle people to and from various locations throughout the town. You will need an external antenna. The trolleys’ roofs are made of fiberglass, so you’ll need another means of attaching the antenna to the trolley other than mag mount. Duct tape has often been used in the past. HT’s should be OK but portable mobiles are preferred. No DC power is available from the trolley so everything will need to be run by battery.

This is a very fun, festive and low-key event, perfect for those wanting to get into public service for the first time. Operators will also likely have opportunities to get out at some of the stops to shop and the like.

To sign up or for more information email K1BML and confirm that you have the equipment listed above. Thank you for your help and support.

Government Advocacy

One of the responsibilities of the ARRL, in all of its forms and on all levels, is to interact with government agencies for the benefit of amateur radio.

What value would you place on a group of people who:

  • Can provide instant wireless communication during a disaster or community event with little advance notice;
  • Have established relationships with local served agencies and law enforcement;
  • Take enormous pride in being able to give their technical expertise back to their communities when asked?

In all areas of the country, Amateur Radio operators serve their communities through disaster communications, public service, and facilitating the instruction of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) topics at all educational levels. For the past century, through FCC encouragement, Amateur Radio has been a valuable laboratory for wireless communications technology development, which ultimately flows to the benefit of consumers and business.


State Government Liaison

The section’s State Government Liaison is the primary contact for all governmental affairs having the potential to affect amateur radio. The SGL helps inform legislative and regulatory entities of the importance in amateur radio considerations in each bill, and potentially helps muster a section wide amateur radio publicity campaign to bills as needed.

This appointment is presently open. If you are an ARRL member in good standing living within Massachusetts and are interested in this appointment, please contact the Section Manager.

Local Government Liaisons

Local Government Liaisons are appointed throughout the section and responsible for monitoring proposals and actions by local government bodies which may affect Amateur Radio. They work with the local ham radio community to alert area amateurs to problems and opportunities involving local government agencies, and coordinate local responses.

Section Manager Report December 2018

Hello everyone, I am sure you are still digesting the feast and overdosing on football games still. I hope you had a truly splendid Thanksgiving.

First thing is to express my sincere thanks to Tom K1KI for his many years as Director of New England. As you know, he was narrowly beat out by Fred Hopengarten K1VR for that position. I wish Tom well in his endeavors and keeping up the good fight wherever it may lead him.

Earlier this month, ACC Gil WK1H and myself went to the Hampden County Radio Association meeting and I did a presentation there which included an open forum to hear what was on their mind. They had a big crowd there which would make a lot of other club’s drool in envy. This is a fine example of a club which actively participates in many facets of the hobby. They also have a great emphasis of bringing in new hams and mentoring them to become an active part of the hobby. Congratulations to this fine group and keep up the great job.

As of now there are some other irons in the fire going on but I will not elaborate just yet. Keep in mind some of these changes are based on the feedback that you have given me. Also remember the help wanted sign is still out.

It’s hard to imagine 1 year is approaching as your Section Manager. It has been one where I feel the biggest accomplishment has been being visible to as many of you as possible and next year will be no different. I am going to sit in on a webinar for ARES connect and see if I can get this new system understood and start getting this set up and in use for our group.

Most clubs at this time are having their annual Holiday parties instead of meetings. I hope you will have a great time in celebration. At this time, I want to wish all of you a happy, safe, wonderful Holiday Season. And of course, a Happy New Year.


Amateur Radio Emergency Service

Within each ARRL section, the main outlet for emergency communications needs within the field organization is the Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES).  ARES consists of licensed amateurs who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment, with their local ARES leadership, for communications duty in the public service when disaster strikes.

ARES Membership

Click here to apply for Western Massachusetts ARES membership.

Every licensed amateur, regardless of membership in ARRL or any other local or national organization, is eligible to apply for membership in ARES.  Training may be required or desired to participate fully in ARES.  Please inquire at the local level for specific information.  Because ARES is an Amateur Radio program, only licensed radio amateurs are eligible for membership. The possession of emergency-powered equipment is desirable, but is not a requirement for membership.

Areas / Maps

Click here to view a table showing how the Western Massachusetts ARES assignment areas are divided out.


Section Emergency Coordinator

The section’s Section Emergency Coordinator is the main coordinator of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service within the Western Massachusetts section.

The Western Massachusetts Section Emergency Coordinator is Charles Chandler WS1L.

Assistant Section Emergency Coordinators

The SEC is assisted by several Assistant Section Emergency Coordinators.  The ASECs take on special tasks and assignments, and generally assist in various local areas throughout the section.

District Emergency Coordinators

The section is further divided into districts, and each district is divided into local areas.  Each district has a District Emergency Coordinator to coordinate ARES within the region, specifically leading up regional nets and training opportunities.

Emergency Coordinators

Each local area has an Emergency Coordinator to coordinate ARES on the local level, and is the primary point person interacting with local served agencies within the local area.

Official Emergency Stations

At any level within the ARES organization, Official Emergency Stations may be appointed. The OES appointee must be an ARRL member and set high standards of emergency preparedness and operating. The OES appointee makes a deeper commitment to the ARES program in terms of functionality than does the rank-and-file ARES registrant. The OES appointee is appointed to carry out specific functions and assignments designated by the appropriate EC or DEC. The OES appointee and the presiding EC or DEC, at the time of the OES appointment, will mutually develop a detailed, operational function/assignment and commitment for the new appointee. Together, they will develop a responsibility plan for the individual OES appointee that makes the best use of the individual’s skills and abilities.

Public Information

Amateur Radio is a valuable resource that deserves to be promoted to the public in a variety of ways.  The ARRL has established a public information and relations wing of the field organization to help the general public discover the value of amateur radio overall.

The ARRL has established several public information campaigns to promote amateur radio, which can be seen on their national website.  They have also designed an online course to help those involved with PR campaigns to be more effective and better prepared in their roles.


Public Information Coordinator

The Public Information Coordinator is the section’s expert on public information and public relations matters. They build and maintain a positive public image for Amateur Radio within the section, and are responsible for organizing, training, guiding and coordinating the activities of the Public Information Officers.

At present, the Western Massachusetts ARRL is looking for a Public Information Coordinator to lead up these efforts throughout the section.  If you are an ARRL member within the section interested in this appointment, please contact the Section Manager.

Public Information Officers

Public Information Officers are appointed to be the local representatives of the WMA ARRL campaign throughout the section.

Local ARRL Affiliated Clubs

Most new amateur radio operators get their first experiences with amateur radio with a local club.  Whether it’s contacts via the clubs local repeater system, attending a club’s meeting, or operating at a club’s Field Day operation, local amateur radio clubs embody what the ARRL is all about.

For more information about the local clubs within the Western Massachusetts ARRL section, see their websites in the links below or contact WMA Affiliated Club Coordinator Larry Krainson W1AST.

All Counties:

Berkshire County:

Franklin County:

Hampden/Hampshire County:

Worcester County:

SKYWARN Recognition Day 2018

The 2018 SKYWARN Recognition Day will be on Saturday, December 1.

SKYWARN Recognition Day was developed in 1999 by the National Weather Service and the American Radio Relay League. It celebrates the contributions that volunteer SKYWARN radio operators make to the National Weather Service mission, the protection of life and property.

Amateur radio operators comprise a large percentage of the SKYWARN volunteers across the country. Amateur radio operators also provide vital communication between the NWS and emergency management if normal communications become inoperative. During the SKYWARN Special Event operators will visit NWS offices and contact other radio operators across the world. This will be the 20th year of SKYWARN Recognition Day and its anticipated that 80-100 NWS Forecast Offices will be participating once again this year.

The WX1BOX Boston/Norton Office SKYWARN station covers all the Western Massachusetts section except Berkshire County, which is covered by the WX2ALY Albany Office SKYWARN station.

WX1BOX will be on the air Friday November 30 and Saturday December 1 on the following schedule for these Western MA repeaters:

Friday November 30th, 2018:
7:00-7:30 PM: 146.970-Paxton Repeater (PL: 114.8 Hz)

Saturday December 1st, 2018:
7:00-8:30 AM: 146.595 Simplex
1:00-1:30 PM: 146.595 Simplex
1:30-2:00 PM: 145.37-Gardner/145.45-Fitchburg/147.39 Repeaters via IRLP 9122
4:00-4:30 PM: 146.970-Paxton Repeater (PL: 114.8 Hz)

WX1BOX will be monitoring the *NEW-ENG3* conference node 9123/IRLP 9123 system throughout the SRD event from 7 PM-12 AM Friday Evening 11/30/18 and from 7 AM-7 PM Saturday 12/1/18. Our HF station will be active on the various HF bands during the same time period. What bands/modes we operate on will be dependent on propagation and operator availability. We will attempt to announce the different HF frequencies will be on via our Facebook and Twitter feeds as well as on the DX Spotter/cluster system dxsummit.fi for people that wish to contact us on HF.

WX2ALY will also be on the air from 1300Z (8:00 AM EST) to 2100Z (4:00 PM EST).

For more information on SKYWARN Recognition Day, check the following:

National Weather Service SKYWARN Recognition Day page
ARRL SKYWARN Recognition Day page

ARRL New England Division Director Election Results

ARRL Headquarters has released the election results for all of this season’s division director and vice-director elections.  The New England Division results were:

Fred Hopengarten, K1VR 1,432
Tom Frenaye, K1KI 1,383

Candidate Mr. Hopengarten was declared elected, edging out incumbent Mr. Frenaye by only 49 votes.

Details on K1VR and his views on the positions on various topics in amateur radio and what the ARRL should be doing in that regard can be seen on his candidacy website.

Congratulations to K1VR on his election and thanks to K1KI for his many years of steadfast service in the position.

KD1CY Receives Blue Hills Observatory Outstanding Service Award

Re-posted from the Eastern MA ARRL website:

The Blue Hill Observatory awarded Rob Macedo, KD1CY, with their Outstanding Service Award on November 9, 2018. The award was presented at a Blue Hills Observatory fundraising event by meteorologist and Weather Channel personality Jim Cantore and former Weather Channel meteorologist Mish Michaels. The honor was especially meaningful for Macedo as it coincided with his birthday.

“It’s both rewarding and humbling to receive [the award] in the presence of some of the most respected people in the meteorology profession,” remarked KD1CY. “It wouldn’t be possible without the support of hundreds to thousands of SKYWARN spotters and Amateur Radio operators who support the program and give their reports during times of severe weather…”

Macedo serves as the ARES SKYWARN Coordinator for the WX1BOX Southern New England / Boston / Norton National Weather Service office, and Section Emergency Coordinator for Eastern Massachusetts.